Looking good at the Scottish Design Exchange

The great staff at the Scottish Design Exchange have revamped the entire shop and everyone has a new display space. It is looking fabulous. The shop is in Ocean Terminal, Leith, Edinburgh and is well worth a visit.

“Collective and commercial, The Scottish Design Exchange has brought together a diverse range of Scottish talent with everything from fashion designers to chocolatiers and furniture makers working to create a thriving store, where customers can buy locally made items, knowing that the manufacturers will be benefitting directly from their support”

2016-07-21 15.22.43

Shop window at Scottish Design Exchange, Ocean Terminal, Leith

One of my artworks – a bold and vibrant acrylic and ink painting on box canvas –  is now in the window of the shop (on top of the funky chest of drawers).

2016-04-05 14.38.03-1

Acrylic spray paint and ink on box canvas

I have updated the artworks on my wall. I now have a mix of original watercolours and acrylic paintings as well as limited edition prints and a selection of small reproductions from my original artwork. Many thanks to the lovely Sean for helping me rehang everything!

2016-07-21 15.16.50

A mix of original artwork and smaller prints

2016-07-21 15.22.31

Scottish Design Exchange shop window

2016-07-21 15.04.31

Looking good alongside my neighbouring artists

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